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My top asset recommendations

All of these assets are also on sale!

1. Bakery

If you want to bake perfect lightmaps in Unity this asset is a must have! I used it so much and I found it better than Unity lightmap solution in every way. Bakery is faster, much better results and even lower lightmap size!


2. Mesh Baker

This tool lets you to combine hundreds of meshes and materials in your scene to optimize performance, in some cases hundreds or thousands of reduced draw calls (batches) and improved FPS significantly.


3. Aura 2

Amazing volumetric lighting solution for your game. It looks and performs really great. I even made a tutorial about it on my YouTube channel.


4. Volumetric Lights 2

I haven't used this one yet, but this is the newest volumetric lighting solution that I found which looks very promising and maybe even better than Aura 2. I recommend to check this out instead of Aura 2 too.


5. Low Poly Animated Animals

This one is very specific recommendation for those who are working on a low poly project or maybe using my low poly assets. This is the best low poly animated animals you could find and I highly recommend it!


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