Hi! I'm Justinas Telksnys, passionate 3d game artist and creator of LMHPOLY - low, medium, high poly.

I'm born in 1994 in Lithuania. I love creating game art and help other people by making Blender and Unity game art tutorials. If I had to choose one thing to work on, it would be modeling 3d cars. I enjoy the process and the result of creating 3d cars.
My biggest goal is to inspire people to do awesome work with real-time CG. To be an example for others of what's possible.

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.


To help people create the most amazing looking video games by providing high-quality game assets. To teach and inspire people to do awesome work with real-time CG.

My work

My story

When I was a kid, I loved to draw and play video games. I was always so interested in how video games are made, how people make that 3d stuff.
In 2008 when I was 14 years old, I saw Blender in the CD of a magazine about computers for the very first time. There were a bunch of programs for PC, Blender 2.4x was also there. And I saw this image of "Shelby Cobra modeled in Blender 2.42". I was amazed by the fact that you can make something like this using this software. I thought that I could learn to make a 3d car model myself. So I installed Blender into my PC, and this is where my story begins!

Shelby Cobra modeled in Blender 2.42.

My life

Most of my time right now, I spend at my room/office sitting at my computer creating game assets and Blender & Unity game art tutorials. I love teaching people and helping to fix their problems or make their life easier.
When I’m not working, I  spend a lot of time by learning something new. Watching video tutorials, video courses, reading books, articles, etc.. Every day I do something to improve my life, to be the best version of myself. Working out, learning, practicing, working, and so on.
Sometimes I like to play some video games on the weekends, but most of my free time, I spend with my family and friends. I like to get off from my PC and all social media to rest my mind and chill.
I’m obsessed with motorcycles! In the summer, I spend most of my free time going on adventures with my Enduro bike. I like that feeling of motorcycles - feels like freedom.
As a hobby, I do some photography of random things and scenery. That's my dog, Thor, at the picture :)