My Top 5 Inspiration Resources To Boost Creativity

I bet you are here because you struggle to think of new ideas!? Or maybe you procrastinate a lot? Need some inspiration for your new project? I have to say that you are not the only one! So I want to share my top inspiration resources, which helps me to boost my creativity. All those top 5 inspirational resources are not sorted in any order from worst to the best or vice versa. They all are very good in different ways, and I use them all when I need some inspiration for my projects.

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1. YouTube

So my first Resource for Inspiration is YouTube. Maybe it sounds strange, but yes, It’s true. On YouTube, you can find a lot of inspiring videos of awesome people doing amazing things. I personally like time-lapse, 3d model breakdown videos, amazing AAA video game trailers. Good videos can boost your inspiration a lot, and after watching them, you will feel that you need to do something creative to make your own models, textures, levels, or whatever you want. I also like to watch some AAA quality game footage like making of, or behind the scenes when people show how they make things. It’s up to you what you want to create. If you want to model cars, search for speed car modeling, car modeling time-lapse videos, and watch only high-quality work videos, where people make amazing car models. You can even learn from those time-lapse videos. Some examples of what kind of videos boost my creativity and inspiration to make my own things:

I have created a private inspiration playlist on my YouTube channel. So every time I find a fantastic video, I put it on my inspiration playlist. So I recommend you to do the same.

2. CGSociety

The name says everything - CGSociety. The Art Society is here to inspire, inform, educate, and recruit. Here you can find the best of the best artists who post their Amazing work. There are forums, CG workshops to enroll, and much more. You can even create your portfolio here. It’s definitely must visit a website for CG Artists!

3. Twitter

Another website I like to visit when I need some Inspiration is Twitter. To find excellent inspiration resources first, you need to do research. Just search for hashtags like #unity3d # b3d #gamedev #indiedev #3d #lowpoly #screenshotsaturday, just search for whatever you are interested in. Look for other people who post Awesome stuff you like. Most artists post working in, progress images how they make stuff, so It’s a good opportunity to learn too. Search and follow people who make things you want to make yourself. The more talented artists you follow, the more inspiring resources you get every day you open your Twitter account, which can inspire you to do something really awesome by yourself.

4. Artstation

Every artist must-visit website: Artstation. Here you can find a huge gallery of top quality work from the best artist in any direction. Find and follow people who make things you like the most. You can post your own work here. You can even use it as your portfolio by posting your best art. Also, you can learn from other artists, some of them post breakdown images, making off process for the models, textures, materials, renders, etc.

5. Pinterest

I think the best website for any resources not just for an artist, but for everyone is Pinterest. You can find any images on the internet in any niche you like. Then you can make your collection of those images to your Pinterest account. Here is my Pinterest account if you are interested in the stuff I have collected. You can follow me or just pin that stuff to your account.  Pinterest is my number one Inspiration resource, which I highly recommend for everyone!

And to make good use of all those inspirational resources, I’ve created a folder on my PC called "Inspiration". Inside that folder, I put downloaded images and videos from all those websites I talked about to different subfolders(Assets, Environment, Digital Art, Textures, etc.). So every time I want some creativity boost, I can go and look into the best work I like the most in few seconds. More images I collect, the more ideas I have. Thank you for your time, and I hope that you found some useful resources for your Inspiration boost!

Thank you for stopping by! :)

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