Low Poly Rocks Pack

Almost every outdoor scene should have rocks to look more natural. And this package contains a huge variety of different rocks ready to use for your game levels. Just drag and drop prefabs to your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time. PC, console, mobile and VR friendly.

Available on Unity Asset Store only!

Supported Unity versions

Unity 2019.4 and above

Supported Unity render pipelines

  • Standard
  • URP
  • HDRP

Optimized for

  • PC
  • Consoles
  • Mobile
  • VR

Asset releases

Current version: v1.3.4

Update changelog


For personal and commercial use

Download License for more info

Demo scenes

No items found.

What's inside

367 unique low poly rock prefabs

  • 47 Round rocks
  • 47 Flat rocks
  • 54 Sharp rocks
  • 70 Square rocks
  • 39 Block rocks
  • 37 Tiles
  • 25 Bricks
  • 30 Crystals
  • 4 Rock arches
  • 7 Rock walls
  • 7 Stonehenge rocks

Materials and textures

  • 1 Material and 1 Texture atlas 256x256 (used for all prefabs, not including crystals)
  • Crystals use 1 Material without textures, easy and fast color changing.


  • 19 Tileable ground planes
  • 8 Mountains
  • 1 Pyramid
  • 3 Clouds
  • 2 Fireplaces
  • 1 Fire particle
  • 1 Island (taken from Low Poly Modular Terrain Pack)
  • 1 Static water plane - not animated (taken from Low Poly Modular Terrain Pack)
  • 7 Demo scenes (see in the GALLERY) + 2 scenes to show off all assets in one place.
  • 7 Post-Processing presets
  • 3 simple scripts for camera, sun, and cloud control.

Additional content

Not included

Music and sounds used in the video are not included!

Content gallery

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2 rock types to choose from

1 color - default rocks, 1 color per rock.

2 color - 2 colors per rock. The first color is a base rock color, the second color is used as a snow by default, you can change it to any color like dirt, sand, moss, etc.

  • Real world scale.
  • Easy to change colors.
  • Lightmap support.
  • Easy to use, just drag and drop prefabs to your scene.

Technical details

  • All prefabs share 1 material and 1 texture atlas 256x256.
  • All prefabs has colliders attached. You can choose between rocks with mesh or box colliders. Rocks with mesh colliders has more accurate collision. Rocks with box colliders are compatible inside Unity Terrain Editor and they are better in performance.
  • All prefabs are optimized for low end devices.

Tris count

  • Small Rocks 8 to 64 tris
  • Medium Rocks 12 to 150 tris
  • Large Rocks 32 to 400 tris

  • BONUS: Mountains 430 to 1500 tris
  • BONUS: Small Ground planes (50x50 meters size) 968 tris per object.
  • BONUS: Medium Ground planes (100x100 meters size) 3872 tris per object.

What Game Developers Say

A large variety of terrains, well prepared and organized, available in Colour Palette Texture, Material & Texture, and Unity Terrain. Easily customizable and with very detailed instructions in PDF on everything including how to set up lighting, and how to prepare the scene for different pipelines. Very well organized and prepared, this was not a waste of money. 5 stars!
I bought this asset on a whim for prototyping, but ended up extremely impressed with the pack. The documentation is clear, easy to follow, and well put together. On top of that, the entire pack is very well organized and easy to use for any workflow.Bravo, you have a very happy customer.
Amazing pack! Very high quality and easy to use.
Very nice, not only for prototyping but also for real game!
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All reviews are from game developers who bought the asset. Reviews taken from Unity Asset Store.

What Game Developers Say

This asset pack is worth every penny by far. Haven't came across any real issues so far and the seller is quick to reply with detailed responses to make sure your question is resolved.
This developer has the best low poly assets. I've bought half of his content and plan on buying it all. His style, quantity and quality of content is amazing!
Very high quality and great art style in this pack.
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All reviews are from game developers who bought the asset. Reviews taken from Unity Asset Store.

What Game Developers Say

If you are going for this awesome low poly look then it's the best asset you can get. Model quality is probably the best I have seen in low poly category and with such low price the value is great.
These assets are incredible for the price. The author takes a lot of care to arrange and group objects logically as well as provide plenty variations to suit your needs.
This low poly set is incredible. Really well made and great variation.
I love this asset, it is professional work at a fair price.
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All reviews are from game developers who bought the asset. Reviews taken from Unity Asset Store.

What Game Developers Say

Beautifully done! The quality of this asset is really in it's own class. The developer is also a very helpful and kind person. Everyone who wants to create low poly environments MUST purchase his assets!! You won't regret it!!!
The asset is well organised and is, like all his assets,  built upon seriously hard work. The dev is responsive and he appears to provide genuine upgrades to the asset over time. In addition, the modeling itself is just splendid.
You guys just murder the competition. Hands down this is the best low poly trees. Very high quality and cheap too!
Great asset, exactly as promised. I had a question about the asset & the dev emailed me back right away with an answer. 5 Stars.
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All reviews are from game developers who bought the asset. Reviews taken from Unity Asset Store.


Can I use assets in my game and sell that game?

Yes, you can use assets from this package in your game and as long as these assets are the part of the game you can sell that game. You can't sell assets alone or in a pack in any form.

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