Blender Timelapse - Creating Low Poly Car Scene

I want to share this timelapse video of me creating a low poly car scene using Blender. In this video, you will see my whole process in making a low poly scene in Blender. I will show you everything from the start to finish how I experiment with the scene ideas, create some assets, simple materials, textures, composition, lighting, and came up with the final render.

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Software used

  • Blender 2.79

Resources / Downloads

Work time

The whole process took me 5+ hours.

Finished result

No items found.

Tris count

The whole scene has:

40.320 tris

More about the project

Everyone has their way of making things, and everyone has their style. And this is how I make my low poly scenes in Blender using Cycles Render Engine, and this is the style I came up with by mixing low poly with a bit of realism. I enjoy making these low poly style scenes. I think there is no perfect way of making them. Every time I create a new scene, I try something different and experiment with different things. It’s up to you what you like and enjoy creating. And the more you create, the better you get at it. So keep doing it again, and again, and again. And don’t wait for a perfect day or opportunity to start the project. Just start it and keep with it until the end!

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