Blender Timelapse - Tiny House Game Asset

How I made a tiny house game asset in Blender. Modeling, texturing, and lighting was done in Blender. Texture atlas was created using Affinity Designer. The final image was rendered using Blender 2.91 EEVEE.
I've used my tiny house sketch as a reference when creating a house model. I also used a few tiny house pictures for texturing as a reference on my second monitor during the process.

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Software used

  • Blender 2.91
  • Affinity Designer (for texture creation)

Resources / Downloads

Work time

The whole process took me 4 hours and 35 minutes:

  • Modeling 1h 45min
  • Texturing 2h 26min
  • Cleaning up the asset 9min
  • Finishing the scene and rendering 15min

Finished result

No items found.

Tris count

1442 tris for the house.

4439 tris for the whole scene with the house included.


Before I recorded the video of modeling and texturing the tiny house, I've made a sketch.

First, I've blocked out the house shape in Blender.

Then I took this block out render and sketched my house idea on top of it using Krita.

After I'm done with sketching, I started modeling it inside Blender. (Modeling and texturing progress in the video!)

Texturing was done in Blender. Texture atlas was created inside the Affinity Designer.

And I finished by creating a very simple scene to show off the tiny house asset.

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