Texturing Car Game Asset In Blender 2.9 (Timelapse Tutorial)

I will show you how I unwrapped and textured my low poly optimized car game asset in Blender and Affinity Photo. I used PBR texturing approach for this one and aimed for a minimal texturing style with not too much detail. For example, I didn't use any normal or bump maps: only albedo, roughness, metallic, and emission texture maps, which is enough for my project. PBR textures + low poly + realistic lighting = I call it next-gen low poly style ;D.
I was inspired by the Audi TT RS 40 years of Quattro paint job, so I recreated that on my low poly car.

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Software used

  • Blender 2.91
  • Affinity Photo (for texture creation)
  • Affinity Designer (for a few texturing parts to make things easier. Ex.: making front grill texture)

Resources / Downloads

Work time

The whole car unwrapping and texturing process took me almost 7 hours.

Finished result

No items found.

Tris count

The whole car has:

7694 tris

Car model without the wheels has:

3762 tris

Only car wheels + brakes has:

3932 tris


Car has uses 4 mateials.

  • Car_Paint - used for all main car body parts which uses car paint for easy color change.
  • Car_Parts - used for all other car parts like plastics, mufflers, mirrors, tyres, brakes, etc.
  • Glass - used for windows, headlight and tail light glass.
  • Wheels - used for the wheel rims for easy color change.


All of my textures were created at resolution 4096x4096 (4k) for maximum quality for close up shots in the video. It can be quickly downgraded and re-exported for use in the game engine and still maintaining high-quality textures at 1024x1024. I tested it, and the small front grill texture details look the same at 1024x1024 as in the 4k map, a noticeable difference only from up close on a big monitor.

Car_Paint material - use 1 Albedo texture map:

Car_Paint_Albedo texture map

Car_Parts material - use 4 texture maps:

Car_Parts_Albedo texture map
Car_Parts_Roudhness texture map
Car_Parts_Metallic texture map
Car_Parts_Metallic texture map

Glass material - has UV map but doesn't use any textures

Wheels material - uses 1 Albedo texture

Wheels_Albedo texture map


Final car model has customization options like: removing applied livery texture and have an ability to change car material color:

Car with livery texture applied
Car with livery texture removed and a custom material color applied

Or ablity to change wheels color by removing it's texture:

Car wheels texture removed and a custom material color applied

You can also change intensity of Emission to makle lights glow brightter or not glow at all. Or just remove the Emission texture for the light to stop glowing:

Glowing lights with Emission texture applied
Lights turned off with Emission texture removed

All texture parts has layers, so it's easy to make changes if I want.

Thank you for stopping by! :)

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