How to Change Object Shading in Unity

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to change object shading in Unity. You will learn how to change any mesh shading to flat shaded or smooth shaded in the Unity engine.

For example, if you have a smooth shaded mesh imported into Unity, you can easily make that into a flat shaded mesh. This is a very fast and easy way to convert your mesh to a low poly style mesh or vice versa.

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Tutorial requirements

  • Unity 2017.4.8f1 was used in the tutorial (works on other versions of Unity too!).

Downloads / Resources

  • Poison_Pot (asset with a starting scene from the tutorial).

Watch tutorial

Quick summary

  1. Import Poison_Pot or any other mesh to Unity.
  2. Select your mesh in the Project tab:
  1. In the Inspector - Model tab, you will see an option called Normals, change it to Calculate:
  1. Set Smoothing Angle to 0 and press Apply:

All of the mesh edges became Sharp (flat shaded):

  1. If you will set Smoothing Angle to 180 – all of the edges will be Smooth (smooth shaded):

Using Smoothing Angle we can control which edges will be Smooth and which will be Sharp.

Smoothing Angle – maximum angle between Face Normals that will be considered as Smooth:

For example, if we set Smoothing Angle to 60 – all of the Faces that are at a 60-degree angle or less, now are Smooth (smooth shaded).

And Faces that are at a 61-degree angle or more, are Sharp (flat shaded).

Here is the same Poison_Pot with a Smooth Angle set to 60:

You can see that at the top those sharp 90-degree angle faces are flat shaded and the rest of the mesh is smooth shaded.

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