How To Generate The Environment Cubemap In Unity

Follow this tutorial if you want to apply surrounding environment reflections to your object.

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Tutorial requirements

  • Unity 5 or newer

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Tutorial steps

Okay, so I have made this simple Environment in Unity.

To create a Cubemap (to capture your Environment into a Cubemap) you need to download this Script! After you download it, create the Editor folder anywhere in your Project tab and put a RenderCubemapWizard.cs inside that Editor folder.

Create an Empty GameObject in the Scene.

I called it Render Position (you can call it whatever you want). Changed it’s position to the center of my Environment. This will be the Cubemap capture position.

Create a Cubemap. Inside Project tab press RMB, select Create > Legacy > Cubemap.

It will create this grey Cubemap without any textures applied. I called it Cubemap_01 (you can call it whatever you want).

Select Cubemap_01 and enable Readable (Very importatnt)! This will allow the scripts to access the pixel data of the cubemap. I also changed Face Size to 512 (Width and Height of each Cubemap face in pixels. The textures will be scaled automatically to fit this size).

Now go to GameObject > Render into Cubemap

This window will pop up

Add Render Position (Empty GameObject we just created inside the Scene) to Render From Position. And inside the Cubemap slot add Cubemap_01 (Cubemap we just created inside Project tab).

Now we have a nice Cubemap created.

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