Unity 2017 Tutorial - Edit Material at Runtime

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to Edit Standard Material Properties at Runtime in Unity 2017.3.

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Tutorial requirements

  • Unity 2017 or newer

Downloads / Resources

  • Post-Processing Stack (Used for Post-Processing effects like bloom and color correction - NO LONGER AVAILABLE!)
  • AllSky (Used the skybox from this Amazing pack)
  • Poliigon (Free Textures)

Watch tutorial

Quick summary

You will learn how to change

  • Standard material properties
  • Albedo texture using Button during the gameplay
  • Normal Map texture using Button during the gameplay
  • Metallic and Smoothness values using Sliders during the gameplay
  • You can apply knowledge of this tutorial to change any Standard material property!

Tutorial code

Make sure to

In the video tutorial at 13:05 – make sure to set all 3 RGB Sliders Value to 1 because by default Material Color RGB values are set to maximum 255 value.

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