Unity 2017 Tutorial - Reflection Probe

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to use baked and realtime Reflection Probes, how to set up them, and how they work. Remember, Reflection Probes are not meant to give physically accurate results, but instead give the impression of reflections in the game world. For performance reasons, it is better to use as few probes as possible. Also, remember that Realtime probes are much more expensive in performance than baked ones.

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Tutorial requirements

  • Unity 2017.2 or newer

Downloads / Resources

  • TutorialProjectFiles – Download it and start watching the video tutorial! You need Unity 2017.1 or newer to import this package!
  • Finished Tutorial Scene – You can download finished result of this tutorial. But I want you to watch the tutorial first, and follow my steps to setup reflection probe by yourself. This way you can really learn how it works! (You need Unity 2017.2 or newer to open this project!)

Watch tutorial

Quick summary

By default, highly Specular/Metal materials in your scene will reflect the Skybox, defined by the Reflection Source property of the Environment Lighting Panel. This behavior can be changed by choosing a different source, or by adding a Reflection Probe to your scene.
Reflection Probes render the world from their position in 3D space and write the results to a Cubemap. Then captured Cubemap will be applied to all objects inside the Bounding Box, which uses reflective material (Specular/Metal material).

You will learn

  • How to use Reflection Probe in Unity
  • How Reflection Probes work
  • How to Setup Baked Reflection Probe
  • How to Setup Realtime Reflection Probe

Additional information about reflection probes

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